Why Use Teramind for Retail Information Security?

With large caches of personal and credit card data, retail companies face a growing risk of cyber security breaches and stolen information. Each breached data record costs retailers $172 not including the negative impact the negative press has on their brand name and customer loyalty. Retail companies need to implement strict restrictions on data access, monitor employees who work with sensitive information, and have the capability to identify insiders who are responsible if cyber security breaches occurs.

How Teramind Can Help Retailers with Cyber Security

Our cyber security software for retailers secures sensitive credit card and personal information data against insider threats by allowing you to use risk based rules to define and identify high risk behavior by users within your retail organization.

  • Protect the data most important to your retail operations - including customer credit cards and PII.
  • Teramind aggregates all your data in real-time to help you identify which users access specified data and provides you with the option of automated real-time protection.
  • Receive alerts on your high-risk users and behavior in order to keep your customer and business operations data safe.
How Teramind Can Help Retailers with Cyber Security

Teramind Helps Retailers Protect Sensitive Data:

Brick & Mortar

  • Customer Data - PII + PCI
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Business Processes and Plans

Online Retailers

  • Customer Data – PII + PCI
  • User Preferences and Buying Patterns
  • Business Processes

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