SOX Compliance Audit Features

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Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) Compliance Audit

Teramind offers full control customization & alert systems that can be tailored to meet organizations' Sarbanes–Oxley audit needs. Our software's live monitoring, historical logs, access controls, file tracking and user activity recording make it simple to ensure compliance with SOX IT standards for access, security and change management. Organizations can easily access records and logs to all users with administrator access in order to best provide auditors with data for successful compliance. Auditors will be able to play back video recordings from all general users and administrators to assess risk, understand motives, and follow activity paths.

Meet SOX Audit Requirements For:
1. Monitoring and recording access to all sensitive data
2. Creating operational safeguards to prevent data tampering
3. Measuring management's competency, objectivity, and risk
4. Evaluating controls designed to prevent or detect fraud
5. Creating customizeable alerts for malicious activity to prevent and deal with potential security breaches
6. Access historical logs and video records of all user activity to streamline the change management process