Employee Internet Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Teramind's employee monitoring extends to the internet to provide unequivocal tracking capabilities across every website and individual page. This state of the art software to monitor internet activity is a crucial part of workforce security, and a great way to track and analyze employee productivity.

Employee Internet Monitoring Features:

  • Every URL and website that is typed is added to a user's textual log, with every log entry being complemented by a video playback of the event
  • Customizable alerts can be set, such as for periods of idle time and access to entertainment websites, to enhance productivity and employee motivation
  • All employee internet activities that occur on a web page are monitored and recorded for live and future viewing
  • Notifications can be sent out for sensitive files that are uploaded or downloaded through email and cloud drives
  • Users who access websites deemed suspicious, or determined off-limits by management, will instantly trigger an alert
  • Featured or embedded audio is recorded and can be heard during live video and historic playbacks

Check out how Teramind website monitoring works below: