Teramind Case Study: Call Center

Call Center Increases Performance and Customer Satisfaction with Teramind

“Teramind helped us improve our agent utilization, employee productivity and engagement rate resulting in better quality of service, increased yield and transparent customer reporting.”

— Head of Operations

Company Profile

Company provides business process outsourcing for customer service, sales support and a variety of other services to some of the largest organizations in the world.

Business Challenges

Company has faced challenges in some key areas of its core business:

Success Factors

Being a call center, success largely depended on the company’s ability to deliver great customer service in a high-stress environment. Company needed a way to maximize their agents’ performance, have them respond to customer complaints rapidly, increase engagement and overall improve the quality of service through hands-on training.


Activity Monitoring:

Skill Identification:

Productivity Analytics:

Live View and Session Recording:

Behavior Based Policies and Rules:


Company was able to see improvements in the following areas:

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