7 Best Endpoint Management & Monitoring Software in 2024
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7 Best Endpoint Management & Monitoring Software in 2024

Endpoint management and monitoring are critical for maintaining an organization’s IT infrastructure’s security, performance, and efficiency. Whether you’re dealing with remote workers, corporate devices, or virtual endpoints, having reliable endpoint management tools is essential. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top solutions available.

The 7 Best Endpoint Management & Monitoring Software

  1. Teramind
  2. LogMeIn
  3. Ivanti
  4. ManageEngine Endpoint Central
  5. NinjaOne
  6. Microsoft Intune
  7. Atera


Teramind is a robust and comprehensive endpoint monitoring solution that provides organizations unparalleled visibility and control over their IT infrastructure and workforce. With its strong security features, Teramind empowers organizations to mitigate risks, enhance data security, and optimize employee productivity.

The software also offers a range of advanced monitoring capabilities, including user activity tracking, website monitoring, file transfer tracking, and session recording. These features enable organizations to gain granular insights into employee behavior, identify potential risks or security policy violations, and ensure compliance with data security standards.

Key Endpoint Monitoring Features

  • User Activity Monitoring: Tracks and records user activities, including keystrokes, websites visited, application usage, and more.
  • Website Monitoring: Monitor employee web browsing activities and block access to non-work-related or inappropriate websites.
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting: You can generate detailed reports and analytics on employee productivity, time utilization, and potential insider risks.
  • File Transfer & Web File Tracking: You can monitor and log file transfers, downloads, and uploads across the network and web.
  • Remote Desktop Control: Remotely access and control employee workstations for troubleshooting or assistance.
  • Session Recording: Record and playback user sessions for training, compliance, or incident investigation.

Why Teramind is Perfect for Endpoint Monitoring

  • Data Loss Prevention: Teramind’s data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities help organizations prevent accidental or intentional data leaks by monitoring and controlling data transfer activities.
  • Insider Threat Detection: You can leverage its advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect and alert on potential insider threats, such as data exfiltration attempts or suspicious user activities.
  • Employee Monitoring: Comprehensive monitoring features enable organizations to track employee productivity, ensure policy compliance, and identify potential risks or areas for improvement.
  • Remote & Hybrid Workforce Monitoring: Its cloud-based architecture and remote monitoring capabilities are ideally suited for monitoring and managing a distributed or hybrid workforce.
  • UEBA: Teramind’s User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) utilizes machine learning to establish baselines for normal user behavior and detect anomalies that may indicate potential security threats or policy violations.

Teramind’s extensive feature set, advanced analytics capabilities, and flexible deployment options make it a top solution for organizations seeking to enhance their endpoint monitoring, data security, and overall operational efficiency.

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LogMeIn’s Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform serves as a command center for IT professionals and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It provides real-time visibility and control over end-user devices within corporate networks. Designed to streamline monitoring and enhance system health, LogMeIn simplifies the management of IT assets from a central location.

Key Features

  • Real-time Alerts: LogMeIn’s RMM solution delivers real-time critical alerts, allowing IT teams to address issues before they escalate. 
  • Automated Task Management: You can simplify routine tasks by automating software installations, file distribution, and script execution. 
  • Application Updates: Identifies vulnerable third-party applications and automatically deploys patches to enhance security.

Why LogMeIn Could Be a Good Solution For Your Organization

  • LogMeIn’s RMM tool allows for efficient oversight of networked devices, saving time and resources.
  • The platform’s monitoring software anticipates problems before they occur, reducing potential downtime.
  • LogMeIn enables secure remote access to endpoints, reducing the need for physical intervention. IT professionals can troubleshoot and maintain systems remotely.

LogMeIn is a secure, user-friendly platform that ensures organizations can efficiently manage their IT needs. It is an invaluable tool for businesses aiming to optimize their IT operations and support remote workforces.


Ivanti Unified Endpoint Manager offers a platform that simplifies the complexities of managing and monitoring endpoints, ensuring that organizations can easily maintain control and security over their devices. Engineered to provide real-time insights and control over your IT assets, Ivanti delivers immediate notifications and comprehensive monitoring of hardware, software, and application events, maintaining operational continuity and security.

Key Features

  • Remote Control: You can remotely access and control systems for analysis and troubleshooting, reducing the need for on-site visits.
  • Discovery and Data Normalization: This feature automates identifying devices and installed software across the environment and normalizing them for accurate reporting.
  • Performance Tracking: Ivanti UEM monitors key hardware performance metrics to identify and address potential issues preemptively.

Why Ivanti Could Be a Good Solution For Your Organization

  • Ivanti’s integrated alerting system ensures that all devices are continuously monitored.
  • The solution’s ability to manage various devices and operating systems makes it versatile for diverse IT environments.
  • With Ivanti, organizations can benefit from detailed dashboards and reporting, which provide valuable insights into the health and status of their endpoints.

Ivanti’s unified endpoint manager’s monitoring capabilities, flexibility, and detailed reporting make it an excellent choice for endpoint management, security, and efficiency.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central

ManageEngine Endpoint Central is a unified software that simplifies IT infrastructure management through a single console. It allows centralized control over servers, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. The platform’s primary focus is monitoring, providing deep visibility into endpoint health and performance, and ensuring that IT teams can proactively address issues before they impact business operations.

Key Features

  • Endpoint Analytics: You can gain valuable insights with advanced analytics that monitor endpoint performance and usage patterns.
  • Built-in Reporting: Extensive reporting capabilities enable identifying trends and anomalies across the IT environment.
  • Ransomware Protection: ManageEngine enhances security with integrated ransomware protection that monitors endpoints for suspicious activities.

Why ManageEngine Could Be a Good Solution For Your Organization

  • Comprehensive Monitoring offers a broad view of your IT assets, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed and every endpoint is accounted for.
  • Proactive Anomaly Detection: Built-in analytics and reporting enable the early detection of irregularities.
  • Unified Platform: A single platform that addresses various IT management and security needs, simplifying the IT landscape.

ManageEngine Endpoint Central’s emphasis on analytics and reporting and its ability to detect and respond to cyber threats make it a strong contender in the endpoint management space, especially for organizations looking to maintain a healthy and secure IT infrastructure. 


NinjaOne offers a unified IT management solution that simplifies the complex task of monitoring and managing all endpoints.  The platform’s monitoring capabilities are designed to provide real-time insights into endpoint health, enabling continuous surveillance of IT assets and ensuring immediate detection of any operational anomalies.

Key Features

  • Secure Remote Access: NinjaOne facilitates secure and direct control of endpoints, enabling support for remote and hybrid workforces.
  • Patch Management: The platform automates patching across various operating systems and applications, providing a clear overview of patch statuses through its dashboard.
  • Monitoring and Alerting: NinjaOne vigilantly tracks device status and health, alerting technicians instantly when issues are detected to facilitate rapid resolution.

Why NinjaOne Could Be a Good Solution For Your Organization

  • NinjaOne’s real-time monitoring and alerting system swiftly manages potential issues, minimizing end-user impact.
  • By automating routine tasks and patch management, NinjaOne frees IT staff to focus on more critical tasks.
  • The platform’s scalability ensures it can adapt to your organization’s growth, making it a long-term solution for IT management.

The comprehensive features of NinjaOne endpoint management software, including real-time monitoring, secure remote access, and automated patch management, make it an ideal choice for organizations seeking to optimize their IT operations.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based unified endpoint management solution that provides security tools for managing and securing mobile devices and applications. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable organizations to maintain control over their devices while ensuring that corporate data remains secure. 

Key Features

  • Compliance Reporting: Intune provides detailed reports on device compliance to help maintain standards across all endpoint devices.
  • Health Monitoring: With Intune, you can monitor the health of Windows devices and receive recommendations to optimize performance.
  • Device Management: Intune allows for managing a wide range of devices, including personal BYOD devices, ensuring they are compliant and secure.

Why Intune Could Be a Good Solution For Your Organization

  • Intune enhances security by managing the complex landscape of mobile devices and protecting sensitive data.
  • It offers flexibility in managing various devices and supports a mobile workforce with secure access to corporate resources.
  • Advanced analytics provide insights into device performance and user behavior, aiding decision-making.

Microsoft Intune focuses on mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM), helping organizations control how their corporate data is accessed and shared on mobile devices. It’s an excellent endpoint management software solution for IT admins to deploy apps, set device configuration policies, and protect company data across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.


Atera is an all-in-one Remote Monitoring and Management cloud platform that offers complete visibility and control to upgrade your IT management from reactive to proactive with a single solution. It is designed to make IT management straightforward, providing real-time monitoring, automation, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Key Features

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts: Atera’s monitoring system detects issues immediately, ensuring you’re informed when they need attention.
  • IT Automation: You can automate routine tasks and focus on strategic work with Atera’s IT automation tools, freeing up valuable time for your team.
  • Patch Management: This functionality seamlessly handles updates for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, as well as third-party software installations and updates.

Why Atera Could Be a Good Solution For Your Organization

  • It offers detailed reporting and analytics capabilities that provide valuable insights into system health, asset inventory, and performance metrics.
  • Atera adapts to your unique IT environment and requirements with customizable alert thresholds and monitoring options.
  • The platform’s proactive monitoring tools help prevent issues before they occur, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational excellence.

Atera simplifies IT management, enhances efficiency, and fosters a proactive approach to maintaining your organization’s technology infrastructure. It is suitable for businesses seeking a comprehensive and unified RMM solution.

How To Choose Endpoint Management & Monitoring Software

Selecting the proper endpoint management and monitoring software is essential for maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your IT infrastructure. It ensures that all devices connected to your network are secure, compliant, and operating optimally. Here are some features to watch out for when choosing the right solution for your organization:

Complete Endpoint Visibility

To effectively manage your network, you need a solution that offers comprehensive visibility into every endpoint from a single, unified console. This means tracking, analyzing, and reporting on the status, health, and risk profile of all your hardware and software assets, including desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. Such a solution should display detailed information about system configurations, installed applications, and user activities across the entire infrastructure.

The software should also enable real-time monitoring of endpoint performance, resource utilization, and user behavior. This visibility allows for proactive maintenance, ensuring all endpoints are secure and compliant with industry standards.

Endpoint Software Control

Controlling the software on your endpoints is vital for security and operational efficiency. Look for a system that allows you to manage software deployment, updates, and licensing across all devices. This control helps prevent unauthorized applications from being installed, reduce the risk of malware infections, and ensure software consistency across your organization.

Moreover, the solution should provide remote device access capabilities, enabling IT staff to troubleshoot and resolve issues on endpoints without physical access. This feature can significantly improve response times and minimize downtime, boosting productivity.

IT Asset Management

An effective endpoint management tool should also be a robust IT asset management solution. It should enable you to maintain an accurate inventory of all hardware and software assets, track their usage, and manage each asset’s entire lifecycle.

By having a centralized view of your IT assets, you can optimize resource allocation, plan for upgrades and replacements, and avoid potential legal and financial risks associated with software licensing violations.

Threat Detection

Your chosen software should include advanced threat detection capabilities, such as real-time monitoring for suspicious activities, malware detection, and vulnerability scanning. It should also employ advanced analytics and machine learning to identify unusual behavior patterns that may indicate a security breach, allowing immediate remediation.

Integration with other security solutions, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and security information and event management (SIEM) systems, is also essential for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to cybersecurity.

Reporting and Alerting

Another critical factor for maintaining network health is generating detailed reports and receiving alerts. The endpoint management solution should allow you to create detailed reports on hardware and software inventories, license compliance, security events, and performance metrics.

The software should offer customizable alerting mechanisms, enabling IT teams to receive real-time notifications for critical events, such as security threats, system failures, or performance degradation, through various channels like email or SMS.


By implementing these software solutions, businesses can gain comprehensive visibility, control, and protection over their IT infrastructure, mitigating risks and optimizing productivity. When selecting an endpoint management and monitoring platform, organizations should carefully evaluate their specific needs and choose one that allows them to focus on driving their core operations while ensuring a secure and efficient technology environment.

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What is endpoint management software?

Endpoint management software is a centralized platform that allows businesses to manage and monitor all their hardware and software assets efficiently. It provides visibility, control, and protection over an organization’s entire IT infrastructure, helping to optimize productivity and mitigate risks.

Is Endpoint Manager an MDM?

No, Endpoint Manager is not an MDM (Mobile Device Management). Endpoint Manager is an endpoint management and monitoring platform that goes beyond MDM to provide holistic management and security for all hardware and software assets in an organization’s IT infrastructure.

What is the Endpoint Manager?

Endpoint Manager is a centralized platform that allows businesses to efficiently manage and monitor all hardware and software assets in their IT infrastructure. It provides holistic management and security beyond traditional Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

How does endpoint management work?

Endpoint management software provides a centralized platform for businesses to manage and monitor their hardware and software assets. It allows organizations to gain visibility, control, and protection over their IT infrastructure, optimizing productivity and mitigating risks.