5 Stats That Show The Cost Saving Effect of Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Zero trust isn’t just a buzzword in cybersecurity anymore. The movement has slowly been gaining momentum over the last decade after first being introduced in 2010. Now, a new report proves just how impactful zero trust really is on cybersecurity. IBM’s most recent installment of their annual Cost of a Data Breach Report analyzed the […]

10 Ways IT Can Strengthen Cybersecurity For Remote Teams

Access Control

In case you haven’t noticed, remote work is here to stay. After the 2020 rush to figure out how to make remote work happen, IT professionals were caught in a second rush- how to make it safe. Without the option of standard perimeter security models, remote workers need new cybersecurity measures that offer the same […]

12 Cybersecurity Measures for Business

The best way to protect your business from the constant, growing threat of cyberattacks is always changing. The best practices in cybersecurity just a few years ago may not be enough to stand up against the advancements made by threat actors. Updating your security and your systems to include the latest cybersecurity measures for business […]

Cybersecurity Measures HR Needs to Know (and Use)

Zero Trust HR

The results are in. Cyberattacks aren’t going anywhere. The 2021 Data Breach Investigation report by Verizon paints a grim picture for companies that are migrating to the cloud. As cloud deployment increases, so do cyberattacks rooted in server-based attacks. It’s important for HR to take note of these trends. As cybercriminals evolve their attacks, HR’s […]

Understanding Zero Trust Security And Its Benefits

Zero Trust Security

Zero trust security, or zero trust network access, is a flexible and adaptive network security infrastructure that eliminates trust from network access and requires additional verification from all users, entities or devices before granting access. Understanding zero trust security begins with understanding how legacy security systems work. Traditionally, IT security was built on a perimeter […]

Protecting Collected User Data: Using Access Control Policies in Teramind

Access Control Teramind

Strict cybersecurity measures are necessary when using Teramind’s employee monitoring and data loss prevention suite. Because it collects loads of data on employee activity and records user activity involving confidential company information, protecting collected user data from malicious actors or abusive administrators is crucial to the integrity of the agent. Teramind’s access control policies were […]