Unintentional Insider Threats: The Overlooked Risk

Unintentional Insider Threat

Could your employees be unintentionally putting your business at risk? While companies prioritize protection against external cyber threats, the often-overlooked unintentional insider threats can lead to significant financial and reputational risks for your business. These threats can come from simple human errors, such as accidental data sharing, misconfigurations, or falling victim to phishing attacks. In […]

The 7 Best Remote Employee Productivity Monitoring Software Solutions

remote employee productivity monitoring software

It’s challenging managing remote teams. One way to ensure everyone is productive, efficient, and on track is by utilizing a remote employee productivity monitoring software. In this guide, we’ll explore the seven best tools available to help you keep a close eye on remote workflows, ensure data security, and maintain high productivity levels.  Each of […]

21 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees & Low Morale

warning signs of unhappy employees

Is your team delighted and motivated, or are there signs of unhappiness that you’re missing? Employee happiness and morale are essential to keeping productivity high and retaining your best talent. However, even the most engaged teams can sometimes face low morale. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most common signs that your […]

Employee Data Theft: Warning Signs & How to Prevent

employee data theft

How safe is your business from an employee stealing data? Employee data theft refers to the unauthorized access, transfer, or misuse of a company’s confidential data by its employees. Whether driven by malice or negligence, this type of data theft poses a significant risk to your business’s security and reputation. As incidents of insider threats […]

The 11 Best Call Center Monitoring Software Solutions in 2024

call center monitoring software

Navigating the options for call center monitoring software can be overwhelming — especially when there’s a new solution every day. But as overwhelming as this can be, not every solution is the right fit for your needs. Here, we highlight the top call center monitoring software choices.  These solutions make real differences in day-to-day operations, […]

The Top 8 Call Center Agent Monitoring Software in 2024

call center agent monitoring software

Managing a call center with dozens, maybe even hundreds of agents, each day brings a fresh wave of customer inquiries, complaints, and support requests. Amidst the chaos, how do you ensure that your agents perform at their best, follow company policies, and deliver top-notch customer service?  Enter call center agent monitoring software. These powerful tools […]

12 Types of Data Breaches to Look Out For in 2024

types of data breaches

Already in 2024, nearly 10,000 publicly disclosed global data breaches affected hundreds of millions of user records. Apple, Meta, and Twitter all succumbed to data breaches in 2024 (and numerous times in the past), providing the public and its shareholders with a stark reminder that malicious activity constantly makes user data susceptible to cybercriminal activity, […]

Balancing Privacy & Security in Remote Work Monitoring

Remember the days of rush-hour commutes and crammed offices? With COVID-19 tripling the number of remote workers seemingly overnight, working from home has become the new norm, offering employees the freedom to ditch the daily grind and work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.  While this flexibility is a major perk, it presents a unique […]

13 Ways To Prevent Data Breaches in Healthcare

how to prevent data breaches in healthcare

Imagine the worst-case scenario: a healthcare security leader receives a call in the dead of night, informing them that their network has been breached and all systems are down. Even a minor data breach in the healthcare sector can jeopardize patients’ personal health information (PHI), leading to identity theft, medical fraud, financial loss, or even […]

Employee Productivity 101: Essential Strategies for Success

employee productivity

Every company must maximize its talent if it wants to be as efficient as possible. Employee productivity plays a crucial role in achieving positive business outcomes. Business success is tied to productivity, but myriad internal and external factors can impact employee productivity. Therein lie several challenges for businesses, as companies must balance operational goals and […]