What is User & Entity Behavior Analytics?: The Definitive Guide to User and Entity Behavior Analytics

In today’s digital-first business environment, 77 percent of organizations report making data-driven decisions to further company objectives and determine best practices. Increasingly, this applies to every business facet, including employee management.  90 percent of companies say that people analytics are a “core component of HR strategy, informing everything from hiring […]

Best Data Loss Prevention Tools for Different Types of Data Loss

Any organization that collects, generates, or stores sensitive information has a responsibility to keep that information safe. This responsibility can be moral (protection of employee and customer information, legal (compliance with GDPR, PIPL, and CCA) or profit-based (keeping trade secrets and intellectual property safe). Previously, the only protection available was […]

What Is An Insider Threat: The Definitive Guide to Insider Threats, The Risks They Pose & How to Address Them

Today’s businesses operate in a complicated cybersecurity and data privacy environment. Whether they are guarding against expensive ransomware attacks or reputation-damaging data breaches, today’s landscape has one thing in common: people are often the problem.  According to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, 82 percent of data breaches involved the […]