Reducing The Risk Of Insider Threats While Offboarding Employees

Offboarding Employees

There’s a certain type of data loss that presents a unique challenge to the HR department- insider threats. Although it accounts for a small percentage of total data breaches, the damage done by an insider is far more detrimental to an organization because of the privileged and intimate access employees have to company data and […]

5 Practices That Will Improve Your Team’s Data Loss Prevention Strategy

Data Loss Prevention Strategy

You’ve probably heard this phrase from the IT department or maybe the company’s CISO: data loss prevention is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. The reason it’s repeated so often? It’s true. While data loss prevention strategy and decisions are often handled by executives and IT managers, it’s up to everyone using enterprise data […]

5 Stats On The Costs Of Data Loss Every Business Owner Needs To Know

Costs Of Data Loss

And what to do about them. A major data loss event is one of the most detrimental things that can happen to a business. They’re not only costly, the side effects of such an incident are felt long after the loss occurs. Some businesses never recover and ones that do are left dealing with the […]