In case you missed the launch of our intelligent session mining feature - we wanted to share all the details with you!

Intelligent session mining helps administrators find instances when users saw specified text on a screen.

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How does it work?

We’ve developed patent-pending technology that rapidly decodes screen deltas into contextually relevant blocks of text that are then indexed in a high-performance storage engine.

Looking to search for specific text?

Teramind indexes all text that appears on the screen, even in images, remote desktops, and Java applications. Robust search capabilities let you find users that saw text on their screen, and recall desktop videos & screenshots of those occurrences.

Here’s an example of an administrator checking which users have seen the last name Sutton appear on their screen:

Cool, right? But it gets better. The feature lets you search by exact string, wildcard, or regular expression. Check out this example of an administrator searching for anyone that has recently seen a UK phone number on their screen:

You can even search for text that appears within an image - check it out below:

Teramind allows you to build rules that take action when certain text appears on the screen, such as blurring the text in the recordings, shutting down the application, notify or lock out the user.

Check out our full Intelligent Session Mining Brochure

Team Teramind
Written by Team Teramind