New Business Process Optimization Helps Companies Avoid Corporate Layoffs

MIAMI, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Teramind Inc., a leading global provider of acute user behavior analytics for insider threat management, data loss prevention (“DLP”), and workplace productivity, today announced a new solution to help companies adapt to a complicated business environment, enabling teams to optimize business processes at a critical time.

Companies need to redefine operational efficiency with actionable workforce insights that maximize ROI as they grapple with significant uncertainty, including rising inflation, a potential economic downturn, employee engagement and retention, and over and under-staffing concerns. In response, businesses must optimize their operations by applying newly available insights and data to allocate resources, time, budget, and personnel appropriately.

Companies need actionable insights to accommodate dynamic employee and productivity trends — Isaac Kohen, Chief Technology Officer at Teramind

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While business process optimization comes in many forms, it’s predicated on accurate and actionable user behavior data. Teramind is answering the call with a new solution set of features offering the ability to collect, aggregate, and explain user data for optimization specifically. With Teramind’s cutting-edge solution In-app Field Parsing, organizations can quickly uncover inefficient processes across any website or app, even custom applications, and gain the insights they need to drastically improve productivity and workflows.

Teramind is helping organizations, including a global financial institution using Teramind to protect against insider fraud, operate with higher efficiency by leveraging objective data to better understand how employees work and systems can be optimized. With Teramind’s intelligent Business Process Optimization (BPO) solutions, companies can:

  • View reports that show exactly what happens at every stage of every task and project and how long each takes
  • Drill down how work is done by employees, departments or across departments to reveal what’s not working
  • Root out what operations and processes are creating unnecessary actions or time consuming work (case in point: “the banking customer highlighted on Teramind’s blog cut their due diligence process times down from 80-125 hours to just 20 hours, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and labor hours” )
  • Put efficiency first by identifying then eliminating the steps and processes employees often skip or workaround

“Companies need actionable insights to accommodate dynamic employee and productivity trends,” said Isaac Kohen, Chief Technology Officer at Teramind. “Our platform’s BPO solutions are helping leading organizations understand and improve their workflows, allocate labor resources effectively, avoid devastating layoffs, and maximize profitability. We look forward to helping more businesses achieve these important outcomes in the year ahead.”

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About Teramind Since 2014 over 10,000 organizations across all major industries have trusted Teramind to provide insider threat management, data loss prevention, and business process engineering through behavioral user data. By harnessing behavior analytics, the award-winning and top-rated platform has helped enterprises and organizations in finance, retail, manufacturing, energy, technology, healthcare, and government verticals detect, record, and prevent malicious user behavior while driving productivity and improving workflow efficiency. Available as a cloud-based, on-premise, or private cloud solution, Teramind’s insider threat management and user behavior analytics for business brings organizations peace of mind by providing data-backed workforce insights. Teramind is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Learn more about Teramind by visiting or follow us on LinkedInTwitter and YouTube.


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