Data Privacy in 2020: Experts at Teramind Share a New Guide for Identifying, Managing and Preventing Insider Threats in a Privacy-First World

White paper offers global view and country-specific guides on data privacy and workplace monitoring, company plans new feature to further lead the industry to seamlessly balance employee data privacy with insider threat prevention and data loss prevention (DLP) solution.

MIAMI, FLORIDA – 5 SEPTEMBER, 2019 – Data breaches are at an all-time high, and all evidence points to increased data exposure when a breach occurs. To protect themselves, organizations are turning to technologies like those provided by Teramind Inc., a leading global provider of employee monitoring, user & entity behavior analytics (“UEBA”), insider threat detection and endpoint data loss prevention (“DLP”) solutions. However, there’s a legitimate concern that using these security and monitoring solutions may create a potential conflict with employee and consumer privacy rights. Especially with the introduction of GDPR, CCPA and other similar laws at various stages of processing, companies around the world are being forced to take a closer look at their data governance and privacy policies.

To help organizations establish their ever important data privacy policy while staying ahead of the threat, a collective team of experts in data privacy law, technology and human resources at Teramind have authored the extensive guide Data Privacy in 2020: Identifying, Managing and Preventing Insider Threats in a Privacy-First World.

“We speak with hundreds of customers about these core concerns,” commented Isaac Kohen, founder and CTO of Teramind. “As providers of both a solution to a complex business problem and being experts in the nuances of balancing data security with data privacy, we set out to answer the critical and recurring question: ‘How should executives and law enforcement officials effectively weigh the demands to control and protect their businesses while protecting legitimate privacy rights of employees and others whose personal data is being threatened?’”.

The white paper expertly delves into this topic and more with the following critical sections:

  • Overview of Workplace Monitoring: Current developments in workplace monitoring and the key privacy laws, rules and regulations that will affect current and future surveillance activities in a global context.
  • The Six Best Practices for Privacy Conformance: What steps companies should be taking as part of a comprehensive insider threat detection and data loss prevention program to proactively address data loss while minimizing privacy risks involved in employee monitoring.
  • Summary of Data Protection Laws: Insight into the current legal landscape around the world with respect to employee privacy rights.
  • Country Profiles: Detailed country profiles identifying General Privacy Laws, Personal Data Protection Laws and Regulations, Workplace Privacy Laws and a summary of the key issues related to employee monitoring. Countries covered include Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, United States, Argentina, Brazil, Chile.

A privacy friendly platform keeps getting better

From the ground up, Teramind’s monitoring and DLP platform has been designed with privacy in mind. It comes with features like fully adjustable tracking & recording, dynamic blackout, discovery and protection of personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), personal financial information (PFI), access control and more.

By constantly introducing features that secure data while protecting privacy, Teramind is committed to helping businesses protect critical organizational data while ensuring conformance with the evolving privacy regulations.

With its forthcoming “data anonymization” feature, Teramind enables organizations to remove or modify personally identifiable information so that employee privacy is guaranteed while allowing businesses to get the data they need to detect insider threats and prevent data loss.

“With this new easy approach to protecting employees’ data privacy coupled with the ability to remove data in accordance with ongoing GDPR mandated conformance, Teramind is trailblazing the industry to help protect critical company data and balance the need with employee data privacy,” said Kohen.

In the article “Privacy 2020: A Look Ahead,” Kohen provides a preview of what countries and companies face as they prepare for evolving regulations in 2020. These insights are highlighted in the white paper, which is available for download here.


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