Live View & Incident Playback

Teramind's full visual desktop recording and historical log features allow organizations to detect and block insider threats before they become an issue.

Insider Threat Risk Analysis

Teramind provides a risk exposure snapshot of your entire organization. Quickly identify what company policies are being violated and identify high-risk users.

Intelligent Session Mining

Intelligent session mining helps administrators find instances when users saw specified text on a screen that presents potentially malicious insider activity.

Detect & Block Malicious Insider Activity

Configure rules to notify, block, redirect, log out, or even lock-out user after detecting threats depending on the severity of the offense.

How Can I Get Started Detecting Insider Threats?

Step 1

Open an Account

Sign up to Teramind cloud employee monitoring software for free. No credit card required.

Step 2

Install Agents

Invite remote employees to install the revealed monitoring agents on their machine, deciding on either full or part-time monitoring.

Step 3

Customize Settings

Customize each alert and monitoring setting to perfectly tailor the platform to your requirements.


Take Control!

Access all features within Teramind's platform for unrivaled monitoring capabilities that enhance security and productivity.

The Challenge

Digital data has put organizations at risk for having their data stolen. Insider leaks can lead to significant financial and reputational damages for an organization and compromise internal applications and systems. The worst part of these data breaches is that the majority of them could have been prevented. Some examples of rule violations include:

User sends e-mail to competitor
User tries to print confidential information
User tries to delete file
User copies files to USB drive

The Solution

Our approach is user-centric and focuses on individual actions. We focus on helping organizations understand the chain of events, shape user behavior and combat the internal threat via automated risk detection and prevention. The process is easy:

Step 1

Organizations identify what they believe to be dangerous behavior

Step 2

Rules are defined in Teramind

Step 3

Teramind begins to monitor and enforce your policies

Insider Threat Detection Features

"In a study that examined malicious insider incidents,
62% involved employees looking to establish a second stream of income off of their employers' sensitive data, 29% stole information on the way out the door to help future endeavors and 9% were saboteurs."

How it Works

Step 1

Deploy the Teramind agent to the desktops or servers you want to monitor

Step 2

View the data instantly on your dashboard, and start to create policies and rules

Step 3

Get ROI immediately as you see your policies enforced: less rule violations and increased productivity
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"43% of businesses need a month or longer to detect employees accessing files or emails they're not authorized to see."

Teramind Threat Monitoring Dashboards

Our dashboards show an organization’s weak points, which rules are violated most, and anomalies in human behavior that deviate from previous behavior or behavior of peers.

Each rule can be assigned a risk level. When these rules are combined, a risk score is created per user. The dashboard can then aggregate these risk scores by department, by user, or by rule level.

Insider Threat Monitoring Benefits

Launch a full forensics investigation by drilling down into a suspicious user's specific actions. Click on any action to bring up a video of the user's desktop when the action took place.

Proactively stop threatening actions before they take place by applying block, redirect, lock-out, or shut-down reactions to certain behavior

Educate users by reminding them of your organization's policy when they violate a rule

Get instant email notification of rule violations signifying malicious insider activity, with a screenshot. Take actions such as locking out the user by clicking a link in the email