Teramind Case Study: Fashion House

Global Fashion House Implements Teramind UAM to Protect its IP From Falling into the Wrong Hands

“In the creative industry, it's easier to safeguard your IP than defending it in the court. Teramind helped us protect our IPs and trade secrets from being exfiltrated by insiders reducing the risk of competitors access to our products and the legal expense of having to defend a copyright case.”

— Senior Executive

Company Profile

A privately held, globally recognized high fashion house that specializes in haute couture, ready-to-wear clothes and designer accessories.

Business Challenges

Company has faced challenges in some key areas of its core business:

Success Factors

Company needed a solution that could constantly monitor employees and third-parties who came in contact of its designs during the creative process, manage who gets access to what information and finally have accurate evidence to support any copyright claims.


Monitoring and Prevention of Risky User Activity Automatically:

Limit Exposure of IP Related Information:

Limit Exposure of IP Related Information:

Live View and Session Recording:

Employee Education and Training:


Company was able to see improvements in the following areas:

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