5 Strategies for Cutting the Costs of Insider Threats

Cut Insider Threat Costs

The costs associated with insider threats continued to rise in 2022.  This is bad news for organizations that are already under financial pressure from the uncertainty of the economy. As interest rates continue to climb and customers become more conservative about how they spend, the last thing that any organization needs is to be putting […]

How to Reduce Insider Security Threats and Protect Data Against Loss

Cybersecurity in 2017

Insider threats are a major concern to businesses, government agencies and other parties who are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) estimates that insider threat incidents cost victims $130 billion per year, and affect 2 million people on average. CISA is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and […]

10 Most Effective Data Loss Prevention Best Practices for Security Teams

Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

Data is at the center of business. No matter what your business, you store, use, and build data that drives your business forward. Data today includes everything from your software product to customer lists to every other bit of critical information that makes your business run smoother and more productively. As such a critical resource, […]

Understanding Zero Trust Security And Its Benefits

Zero Trust Security

Zero trust security, or zero trust network access, is a flexible and adaptive network security infrastructure that eliminates trust from network access and requires additional verification from all users, entities or devices before granting access. Understanding zero trust security begins with understanding how legacy security systems work. Traditionally, IT security was built on a perimeter […]

Reducing The Risk Of Insider Threats While Offboarding Employees

Offboarding Employees

There’s a certain type of data loss that presents a unique challenge to the HR department- insider threats. Although it accounts for a small percentage of total data breaches, the damage done by an insider is far more detrimental to an organization because of the privileged and intimate access employees have to company data and […]