The 17 Best Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Tools in 2024

data loss prevention software

Data loss (aka data leakage) prevention is a top priority for many security professionals. And to do this, they’re relying more and more on data loss prevention (DLP) software to make their lives easier. DLP software solutions are proactive rather than reactive. These tools provide flexible control over highly sensitive data, monitor and identify potential […]

Data Breach Versus Data Leak: What’s The Difference?

data breach vs data leak

Some terminology in the cybersecurity world can be slightly confusing. One example is the difference between two similar terms: data leak and data breach. People sometimes use these terms interchangeably to describe situations where sensitive data is exposed. However, the difference between a data leak and a data breach is concrete in some ways. Knowing […]

10 Indicators of Compromise (IOC) Examples To Look Out For

indicators of compromise

As information security professionals, you play a crucial role in using the term “indicators of compromise” (IOC) to describe any malicious activity that may suggest a computer system has been compromised. Your expertise in identifying IoCs can help quickly determine when an attack has occurred and identify the perpetrators. Your insights can also help determine […]

Lessons Learned from 7 Real Insider Threat Examples

insider threat examples

Organizations must navigate myriad security threats. While many cyber threats come from malicious actors outside the organization, insider threats can be even more devastating to a business. Insider threat prevention should be a top priority for security teams. But what are these cyber attacks, and what do they teach us about how to protect critical […]

5 Strategies for Cutting the Costs of Insider Threats

Cut Insider Threat Costs

The costs associated with insider threats continued to rise in 2022.  This is bad news for organizations that are already under financial pressure from the uncertainty of the economy. As interest rates continue to climb and customers become more conservative about how they spend, the last thing that any organization needs is to be putting […]

Where Insider Threats Hide Out in a Segmented Network

Insider Threats Segmented Network

When it comes to insider threats and cybersecurity in general, experts often discuss how to practice policies of containment, and use these to mitigate threats. One fundamental way to do this is through the process of network segmentation.  What is network segmentation? Network segmentation means that you essentially create smaller subnetworks linked to each other, […]

Improve These Five Site Security Measures for Insider Threat Protection

Harden Site Security to Catch Insider Threats

All over various industries, and at different levels of business, the alarm bells are ringing – executives and others are finding how important proactive cybersecurity is to a company’s success. However, there are different areas of business security that each need to be addressed. For one thing, companies might spend a lot of time on […]

10 Most Effective Data Loss Prevention Best Practices for Security Teams

Data Loss Prevention Best Practices

Data is at the center of business. No matter what your business, you store, use, and build data that drives your business forward. Data today includes everything from your software product to customer lists to every other bit of critical information that makes your business run smoother and more productively. As such a critical resource, […]

How Data Loss Prevention Software Keeps Data Secure

What is DLP data loss prevention

Data is an abundant and vital resource in today’s digital-first business environment, providing unparalleled insights into customer trends, inventory management, employee performance, and more. While the amount of data collected, stored, aggregated, and analyzed varies drastically by company, it’s estimated that the average enterprise stores 2,000 terabytes of information, an astounding total that’s nearly doubled […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Overcoming Four Threats Harming Businesses Today

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Resilience Against Insiders

It’s no surprise that businesses of every size in every sector are experiencing a season of unique disruption. From geopolitical conflict and supply chain constraints to shifting consumer demands and economic headwinds, companies have no shortage of problems to prioritize.  For many leaders, cybersecurity is increasingly at the top of their list as the costs […]