Top Three Benefits of Creating a Team Brand

Benefits of Team Branding

Your team’s brand is its reputation and how the rest of the company views it and every team or department in an organization already has one. Consider your team’s current standing in the company. Do other teams and departments consider it reliable? Slow? Unavailable? The answer to that is your team’s current brand. Molding your […]

Measuring the ROI of Your Brand Investment

Measuring ROI Of Branding

It’s no secret branding aids the growth of a business. The importance and impact of a successful brand is often talked about in articles and blogs, but rarely do they put branding success into terms exacting numbers that relate to growth. While we’re all aware of the positive effects branding can have on a business, […]

How to Improve Recruitment and Attract Better Talent with Employer Branding


A LinkedIn study found that when considering a prospective employer, 75% of candidates take the employer’s brand into consideration before applying for a job. To stand out and secure the best talent possible, recruiters and HR personnel must prove their company is a unique and desirable workplace. In order to attract better talent with employer […]

Using Teramind to Bolster Internal Branding & Reinforce Company Values

Teramind for Branding

It’s no secret that branding is one of the most important aspects of your company’s presence in the market. But branding goes beyond marketing and is much more than consumer awareness and recognition. A comprehensive branding strategy speaks to every person that it comes into contact with. This includes investors, vendors, employees and new recruits. […]