Third Party Vendor Management Features

The Challenge

The ability to access system preferences allows external vendors to steal company data as well as damage IT infrastructure. Teramind offers a platform to monitor third party vendors to ensure access is only granted to systems needed, decrease the chances of accidental mistakes that can damage system settings, and help improve IT safety measures. A few scenarios in which external vendors potentially pose risks are as follows:

The Solution

Set-up an access account for each vendor that is going to need authorized clearance and easily track what each vendor is doing at any given time. External vendors are subject to the same level of scrutiny as regular users and DBAs, allowing for automated alerts to be sent based on preset preferences. Watch vendor user behavior in real-time for on-premise and remote vendors. All actions can also be searched via metadata and recordings can be searched by time and date.

Creating a team of external vendors, keeping tabs on rule violations and analyzing their behavior is simplified with our dashboards and widgets. Each type of activity can be assigned a risk level and alerts are automatically sent for high-risk behavior.

Define when vendors can log into systems and from which locations. Teramind provides organizations with the option to give access upon manual approval or limit their access within certain applications.

How it Works

Step 1

Deploy the Teramind agent to the desktops or servers you want to monitor

Step 2

View the data instantly on your dashboard, and start to create policies and rules

Step 3

Teramind records all user activity, and implements your alert / block policy immediately


Full knowledge of which vendors are accessing systems and real-time alerts for high-risk behavior.

Restrict vendors from accessing information not necessary for their tasks

Prevent vendors from accidentally or maliciously running programs or executing commands that change company computer settings and access