Multipurpose user activity monitoring
for SMBs

Secure company data, shore up compliance management and improve productivity with user activity monitoring for SMBs

Intelligent data protection & insights that drive SMB success

Improve employee productivity and increase workflow efficiency

Use Teramind’s Behavior Intelligence and data-driven behavior analytics to:

Measure and track employee productivity and performance

Identify organizational, departmental or employee workflow bottlenecks

Set limits on unproductive activities and send reminders to employees when they’re too far off track

Gauge employee soft skills & how they spend their day-to-day

See an instant ROI through a data-centric approach to productivity

Strengthen security while easing IT’s workload

Use Teramind’s security features and tools to:

Automatically detect and block malicious and suspicious employee activity

View high-level organizational, departmental and individual user risk then drill down to see what’s causing it

Detect anomalous employee activities like access attempts and off-hour logins that signal possible threats

Keep data safer without added labor costs

Automate compliance management across your business

Use Teramind’s compliance management toolkit to:

Monitor the human side of compliance to ensure continuous regulation conformance in all activities

Detect and block noncompliant data uses no matter how they appear on screen, even in images and videos

Collect detailed reports, immutable logs and session recordings that satisfy burden of proof and breach regulations

Manage compliance while improving cybersecurity and productivity

Scalability & Deployment Flexibility for SMBs

Flexible deployment and scalable user activity monitoring for SMBs can:

Deploy Teramind on-premise or via public or private cloud to meet your business’s needs and compliance requirements

Monitor only the amount of endpoints you require and add users as your business grows

The Features That Power Teramind

We bring businesses peace of mind through our award-winning user activity monitoring for SMBs

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