Teramind for Law Firms

26% of firms with 500 or more attorneys experienced a security breach in 2016.

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There are more insider-born attacks (58%) than outsider attacks (42%) on financial services.

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Protect Personal Health Information(PHI) with Teramind


Companies in the energy industry use Teramind for their Compliance & Session Recording Needs

Why Industries Use Teramind

Modern industries face new and evolving cyber security challenges on a daily basis. With malware, ransomware and a host of other high tech methods designed to steal your company's sensitive data on the rise, businesses need to be constantly aware and alert of their employees, vendors and privileged users' activities. Teramind's monitoring software is an all in one solution, developed with the specific compliance and security needs of businesses across all sectors in mind to help defend against insider threats, bolster data loss prevention efforts, and audit all user activity to meet specific industry standards.

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