Meet FISMA Compliance Requirements

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FISMA Compliance Audit

Teramind provides 24/7 real-time visual screen recording and robust deployment that empowers federal agencies to meet all of their FISMA compliance requirements. Teramind can also be used to view combined logs and visual playback of individual user activity making repair and maintenance after incidents quick and easy. Access levels can be tied to specific information and documents, so that unauthorized use by any individual is immediately reported courtesy of customized alerts and notifications.

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requires federal agencies to integrate an information security and data loss prevention solution by law. FISMA established security standards and guidelines to help prevent the leaking of federal information and bolster security around classified data. While originally implemented just for US Federal Government Agencies when enacted in 2002, FISMA has since expanded to include any private sector organization which is contractually affiliated with the government.

FISMA compliance requirements include:
1. Having an information systems inventory
2. Categorizing all information by risk level
3. Maintaining an overall system security plan
4. Using cyber security controls
5. Administering risk assessments to establish security due diligence
6. Accreditation of properly functioning security system compliance
7. Implementation of uninterrupted monitoring