FFIEC Compliance Audit Features

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FFIEC Compliance Audit

FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) compliance is an official set of guidelines and standards for online banking cyber security. In order to evaluate if an organization is in compliance with FFIEC guidelines, a comprehensive analysis of internal practices is required to uncover potential weaknesses, data security issues and susceptibility to insider threats.

Teramind helps financial institutions meet FFIEC requirements with real time monitoring of all network activity to bolster cyber security by protecting sensitive data, identifying threats and alerting about unauthorized access and suspicious behavior. Management can identify which users regularly view protected information in order to establish overall cyber risk management. Teramind's monitoring and analysis capabilities allow financial institutions to develop the advanced threat intelligence that is required by FFIEC standards.

FFIEC cyber security requirements include:
1.) Deep integration of cyber risk management
2.) Development of threat intelligence
3.) Implementing cyber security controls (including automated monitoring and protection)
4.) External/third party vendor dependency management
5.) Cyber attack management and response