Ensure Compliance with Teramind

Compliance with Teramind

Ensuring compliance is an increasingly complex task, requiring organizations to manage multiple risk factors across an increasingly complex technology landscape, while also ensuring appropriate user behavior and compliance with regulations to meet the stringent requirements of today’s widely-accepted regulatory compliance standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and others. Failing to remain compliant exposes organizations to substantial financial and reputational risk.

Teramind is human behavior driven

While many solutions are out there to ensure compliance with respect to various systems, how they handle, store, secure and transmit data, the human factor in these data driven transactions remains difficult to oversee, mandate and manage.

No matter what your specific compliance requirements are, Teramind can provide the control and peace of mind with respect to user-driven data activity to address your audit and compliance needs.

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Insider and cyber threats on the rise:


of all attacks resulted in financial damage of more than US $500,000, including, but not limited to, lost revenue, customers, opportunities, and out-of-pocket costs.

$209 Mn

was paid in ransom in the first quarter of 2016, compared to just $24 million in ransom payments in all of 2015 the FBI reported.


of business identified privileged users as a top cloud security concern

~$12 Bn

Estimated annual losses for the US from cyber crime targeting IP and perhaps $50 billion to $60 billion globally.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in May 2018, requiring all organizations handling the personal data of European Union citizens to keep that data secure. Organizations who fail to comply are subject to substantial penalties as high as €20M or 4% of total global revenues, whichever is greater.

GDPR requires organizations to implement policies and procedures with respect to collection, treatment and management of data, a plan to detect a data breach, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of security practices, and document evidence of compliance. With that, GDPR effectively mandates organizations to implement best practices for data security.

Teramind provides organizations with a unifed platform to function as a comprehensive compliance management platform to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

Effectively Detect, Investigate, and Report on Data Breaches

To achieve GDPR compliance, organizations require a plan to monitor the storage and utilization of the personal data of EU citizens.Teramind provides essential security monitoring capabilities to help you detect, investigate, and report on data breaches within your environments.


Teramind identifies sensitive data in structured and unstructured data across organization data stores, leveraging fingerprinting, OCR and other advanced capabilities.


Teramind leverages its activity monitoring and data loss prevention capabilities to defend sensitive data from attack and misuse.


Teramind’s powerful policy and rules engine enables a strong detection net over the entire organization, allowing for quick detection of insider threats and data incidents.


Broad set of actions in the Teramind platform enables real-time notification and immediate action, satisfying GDPR timely data breach reporting requirements, with full forensics.


All threats identified and monitored user behavior allow for a constant feedback loop and better policies to be implemented, ensure a stronger security policy implementation and oversight.

Discover how Teramind supports GDPR compliance:

GDPR Article Examples of how Teramind helps
Article 5

Pricinples relating to processing of personal data

Teramind can ensure data is processed lawfully and Qis not exfiltrated to unauthorized systems and mediums.

Article 25

Data protection and design by default

Teramind can ensure data is processed only in the context it is required to be processed.

Article 33

Notification of a data breach

Teramind provides full forensics with respect to a data incedent, and a video recording of the event

Article 41

Monitoring of approved codes of conduct

Teramind monitors all employee, contractor and third party vendor activity with respect to data access and captures all activity.

Effective GDPR Compliance with Cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment options and out-of-the-box GDPR compliance rules

Teramind is designed to offer you a variety of deployment options, ensuring the most suitable deployment scenario. The platform comes pre-populated with policies and rules to address most data privacy issues. Organizations can easily extend and modify existing policies and rules, and create and manage new rules with great ease, leveraging Teramind’s visual policy and rules editor.

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