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Compliance Management

Compliance is an increasingly complex task, requiring organizations to manage multiple risk factors across an evolving technology landscape, while also ensuring appropriate user behavior to meet the stringent requirements of today’s widely-accepted regulatory standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, FedRamp, FISMA, AML/KYC and others. Failing to remain compliant exposes your organization to substantial financial and reputational risk. No matter which industry you are in, you need a solid compliance management solution that can help you achieve compliance and then assists you in staying compliant with continuous oversight. Finally, the solution should be able to provide you with burden of proof in case of an audit.

How Teramind can help with your compliance requirements

While many solutions are out there to ensure compliance with respect to various systems, the human elements in these data driven transactions remain difficult to oversee, mandate and manage.

With its Intelligent behavior analysis and user centric activity monitoring, Teramind can identify the human factors in compliance like insider threats, errors or accidents allowing you to address critical data protection, security and audit requirements. No matter what your specific compliance requirements are, Teramind can provide the control and peace of mind with its many features and benefits.

Tailored compliance solutions for various industries:

Privacy Data (GDPR)

GDPR is a great regulatory framework to ensure general privacy and data protection. To achieve GDPR compliance, organizations require a plan to monitor and protect personal data and provide privacy for the residents in European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA). Teramid is perfectly suited for your GDPR requirements in several ways:

  • Support for GDPR Articles 5: Principle relating to processing of personal data, 25: Data protection and design by default, 33: Notification of data breach and 41: Monitoring of approved codes of conduct.
  • Auto discovery of privacy related information in both structured and unstructured data leveraging fingerprinting and OCR.
  • Recording of data processing activity, updated in real-time to a granular level for all employees, contractors and third-party vendors.
  • Teramind provides full forensics with respect to a data breaches, and a video recording of the event.


Healthcare (HIPAA)

All healthcare organizations need to comply with HIPAA requirements of privacy and safeguards for medical and patient information and protect them from data loss, insider threats, fraud and other misuses. With Teramind, healthcare organizations can speed up HIPAA compliance implementation and auditing process:

  • Guard protected health information (PHI), claim, care and clinical data with ready to use HIPAA policy templates.
  • Predefined health data classification for common drug and disease names, DNA profiles, NDC number, HICN, NHS number, ICD10 code etc.
  • Identify employees and 3rd party vendors who fail to comply with activity monitoring and tracking of communication channels like file transfer, email, IM etc.
  • Use built-in session recording and risk reports to conduct compliance reviews, provide burden of proof and develop employee training programs.


Legal / Law Firms

Law firms are constantly faced with the ever evolving challenge of addressing insider threats as it pertains to securing attorney-client privileged information and client/matter data. Teramind helps you address these threats, protect confidentiality and product/demonstrate effective oversight to compliance initiatives to your clients:

  • Ensure safety of client/matter data and work-product stored in firm repositories, beyond the traditional access and identity management systems.
  • Oversight, audit and logs of all actions for all employees (or any subsection of users/departments) as it pertains to firm desktops, laptops and content.
  • Privileged user monitoring, session recording, with searchable logs, videos, and audit trail for forensics.
  • Demonstrating your firm’s ability to comply with AML/KYC, HIPAA, ISO27001/27002, GDPR and other regulatory standards and laws.


Government / Public Services

Government organizations can address data loss, cybersecurity and insider threats with Teramind’s insider threat detection and data loss prevention solutions. Teramind is an effective endpoint monitoring solution to ensure your adherence to regulatory compliance including NIST, FAR/DFARS, FDCC, FedRamp, FISMA and more:

  • Policies and anomaly rules to catch insider threats. Sophisticated risk algorithm identifies high risk users and system components.
  • Identity based authentication, privileged user monitoring and segregated access control to prevent unauthorized data access.
  • Forensic investigation and incident response with session recording, alerts and immutable logs. Locate the source and threat vectors with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Integrate with IDS/IPS and SIEM systems to create a cyber security perimeter, share threat intelligence and coordinate response.


Retail / eCommerce (PCI DSS)

PCI DSS has some stringent information security requirements for retailers, e-commerce, financial services companies and other organizations that process credit card transactions and have access to customer data. Teramid comes with some great pre-built features to help you maintain PCI DSS compliance:

  • Pre-packaged templates and rules to maintain PCI DSS requirements for Merchants & Processors.
  • 100s of templates for cardholder data, sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Personally identifiable Financial Information (PIFI).
  • Implement unique IDs, layered access control, 2FA etc. for local and network resources.
  • Advanced behavior-based rules engine automatically prevents data loss and exfiltration events.


Information Technology (ISO 27001)

Many organizations in IT, finance, telecom etc. are beginning to see the value of ISO 27001 in information risk management. However, without access to the right tools, the certification process can be difficult. With Teramind’s help, meet the security and monitoring standards outlined in ISMS guidelines for ISO 27001:

  • Monitor and measure user activity and maintain both mandatory and supplemental records. View exceptions, security events and how they were handled.
  • Define security roles and responsibility, assess control of regular/privileged users and 3rd party vendors.
  • Assist in developing risk assessment and treatment plans with built-in Risk Management dashboard.
  • Implement training and awareness programs with session recording and playback features.


Public Accounting (SOX)

Public companies, investors, public accounting and management firms can meet several provisions of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) compliance requirements with Teramind's rigorous fraud prevention, data protection and reporting capabilities:

  • User activity monitoring and recording prevents accounting frauds.
  • Content rules and access safeguards to prevent document/data tampering.
  • Verifiable controls to track data access, disclose data breaches, and export audit reports as CSV/Excel formats for feeding into ERP systems.
  • Risk analysis reports, historical logs and video records of all user activity to streamline any change management process.

Online Banking (FFIEC)

FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) compliance is a set of conformance standards for online banking. Teramind helps banks and financial institutions uncover potential cybersecurity weaknesses and insider threats in their online banking system:

  • Develop threat intelligence with 12+ monitored objects, user activities and content sharing.
  • Implement ‘always on’ cyber security controls with automated monitoring and preventive rules.
  • External/third party vendor access and dependency management.
  • Assist with cybersecurity risk assessment and policy development with built-in Risk Analysis Dashboard that can identify vulnerable departments, employees and resources.

Utilities (NERC)

With nine standards and forty-five requirements, a single security solution may not be enough to achieve and maintain NERC-CIP security standards. Teramind can assist registered utilities in meeting the plans several requirements:

  • Documented trail of user activities within a desktop or terminal server.
  • Real-time monitoring of critical systems and user workstations. Receive automated alerts for any system configurations changes.
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis of users, departments, policies or applications.
  • Develop mock audit programs and training plans with session recording, simulated incident detection and threat response.

Federal Agencies (FISMA)

Supplement your existing federal security implementation for NIST-FISMA with Teramind’s comprehensive platform for risk management, information protection and confidentiality:

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring and real-time visual screen recording.
  • Risk categorization and configurable risk levels for departments, groups, even individual users.
  • Ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of sensitive information through OCR, fingerprinting and content sharing rules.
  • Track, document, and report security incidents with built in Session Recording, risk reports and immutable event logs.

Effective compliance management with Cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment options and out-of-the-box policy templates and rules.

Teramind is designed to offer you a variety of deployment options, ensuring the most suitable deployment scenario. The platform comes pre-populated with policies and rules to address most data privacy issues. Organizations can easily extend and modify existing policies and rules, and create and manage new rules with great ease, leveraging Teramind’s visual policy and rules editor.

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