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How does Teramind work?

Teramind captures and records user activity on computers and sends the information to the Teramind server located in the cloud, private cloud or on-premise. This data can then be used to determine employee productivity and process optimization, insider threat detection and data loss prevention based on policies and rules defined in Teramind.

What kind of organizations use Teramind?

Teramind customers range from small to medium size businesses, to large multinational conglomerates, to regional and federal government entities. Teramind can be used to ensure conformance with compliance initiatives (GDPR, ISO 270xx, HIPAA, PCI-DSS etc.), for data loss prevention, privileged user monitoring, third party vendor monitoring, audit, forensics and more! Visit www.teramind.co/sim and click the START TOUR button on the dashboard (top right corner) for a guided tour of most common Teramind use cases.

How do I get started? Is there a free trial?

Simply select the Teramind solution you are interested in, your preferred deployment model, and the expected number of users/endpoints/terminal servers and click “Start Free Trial” on the Teramind Pricing page to get started. Teramind is yours to try for 14 days on-premise or 7 days cloud at no cost.

Will my credit card be charged during my 7-day free trial?

You'll have a free 7 days to test out Teramind. At the end of your trial, regular billing commences and your credit card will be charged. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel any time during your 7-day free trial.

What are my different deployment options? Cloud/on-prem/AWS/private cloud/Google Cloud/Microsoft Azure?

Teramind solutions are available in Cloud, private cloud and on-premise deployment options. With Cloud deployment, we take care of the server infrastructure, storage, software implementation, maintenance and scale of the deployment for you. For private cloud and on-prem deployments, you get a fully-functional VM image you can deploy and manage with your own IT resources. If you are not sure, please contact us so we can help determine the best deployment option for you.

How is Teramind licensed? How do I start my subscription?

Teramind software is licensed based on a monthly or annual subscription. Depending on the type of deployment, pricing is calculated based on number of users (Cloud) or endpoints (on-prem and private cloud) and terminal servers. To start, simply select the Teramind solution you are interested in, your preferred deployment model, and the expected number of users/endpoints/terminal servers and click “Start Free Trial” on the Teramind Pricing page. This will give you a free 14-day on-premise or 7-day cloud trial. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Is Teramind Agent visible on users’ computers?

Teramind Agent can be deployed in hidden or revealed mode depending on your particular use case. When deployed in revealed mode, users are aware of the Agent’s existence and can sign on/off the Agent.

Can the Teramind Agent monitor a Terminal Server?

Yes, Teramind can be deployed on Terminal Servers and is fully supported. Our Terminal Server licensing applies, which is equal to 30 endpoints.

What platforms does Teramind support? Is it compatible with Windows and Mac OS?

The Teramind Agent supports Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. In addition, we support Citrix, VDI, VMWare Horizon, as well as Terminal Server deployments.

Does Teramind track idle time and productivity of users?

Yes. Teramind provides idle time, application usage, social media usage, browser activity/usage and much more. A specific calculation is applied to measure productivity of users based on amount of “user activity”, which is primarily based on keystrokes.

Does Teramind track URLs visited, files uploaded, clipboard copy/paste and other actions?

Yes. Teramind can be configured to track all user activity and actions. With rules and policies created in the Teramind Dashboard, administrators can also ensure correct utilization of office resources, content and data.

Can Teramind stop unauthorized data exfiltration?

Yes. Teramind DLP can be utilized to create content-based rules and policies to ensure unauthorized data exfiltration attempts are stopped and forensic evidence of the actions are captured.

Can Teramind monitor privileged (admin) users?

Yes, this is a very common Teramind use case. Teramind can monitor, record and capture all privileged user sessions.

Does Teramind keep a log of all review/administration activity on the Teramind Dashboard?

Yes. Teramind provides an immutable log of all actions taken by Teramind admins in the Teramind Dashboard and admin console.

Can Teramind user session recordings be used as forensic evidence?

Yes, this is a very common use case for Teramind implementations. The actual user session recordings of policy and rule violations can be leveraged as forensic evidence of user actions.

How do I get started?

To get a better idea of the platform and various use cases, visit our Demo Dashboard and get a guided tour of Teramind and its broad capabilities. Visit our resource page or our Youtube channel to learn more about Teramind use cases and get an overview of the platform. When you are ready, visit the Teramind Pricing page and select a plan that suits your need. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What’s the difference between Teramind UAM, Teramind DLP and all the other Teramind editions?

Teramind UAM (User Activity Monitoring) provides user activity monitoring, user behavior analytics, policy and rules management, audit and forensics capabilities. Teramind DLP (Data Loss Prevention) includes all UAM functionality, and adds content-based advanced rules and policies for data exfiltration protection. Other Teramind editions add additional functionality and out-of-the-box rules and policies for the specific use cases they represent as outlined in the comparison chart on the pricing page.

Check out our Teramind UAM vs Teramind DLP feature comparison video on our Youtube channel for more information.

How can I get assistance during my trial?

We have customer success engineers standing by to answer any questions you may have and assist you with creating policies, rules and other specific configurations to meet your specific deployment requirements. Simply contact us to get started.

What functionality is available on the trial version of Teramind?

All Teramind trials feature the full functionality of the entire platform. We would be happy to assist you in determining which edition is right for you based on your specific requirements. Please contact us!

How do I install the Teramind Agent?

You can download the latest version of the Teramind Agent from the Teramind Dashboard from the ‘Administrator > Download Teramind Agent’ link. You can copy the file to the user computer and install the agent there. Or, copy the download link and install the agent directly on the user computer. You can also install the agent to multiple computers remotely through Active Directory.

Here’s a step-by-step video on how to install the Teramind Hidden agent. Similar steps are needed for installing Teramind Revealed agent. For detailed instructions, check out the Teramind User Guide.

How do I contact you if I have technical or pricing questions?

We are an email away! Simply reach out and request a call or email us your questions and we will get back to you right away!

How do I subscribe to Teramind?

Simply select the Teramind solution you are interested in, your preferred deployment model, and the expected number of users/endpoints/terminal servers and click “Start Free Trial” on the Teramind Pricing page to get started. Teramind is yours to try for 14 days on-premise or 7 days cloud at no cost. Once you have your account set up, you can subscribe to the Teramind solution of your choice through the Teramind Dashboard, or simply contact us for assistance and we can get you going!

How is Teramind licensed?

Teramind is licensed on a per endpoint basis for on-premise and private cloud deployments, and is licensed on a per user basis for cloud deployments. You can choose between a monthly or annual subscription when you sign up.

How do I get onboarding assistance and help to create policies and rules?

Contact us and we will assign you a customer success engineer to help with setup, onboarding, configuration and help you get going with policies and rules.

How do I configure Teramind to ensure our data privacy requirements are met?

Teramind is fully customizable to provide organizations with the ability to tailor the platform to their specific needs, ensuring privacy requirements are fully met. User session recordings can be completely turned off or set to record only during rule/policy violations; keystroke logging can be turned off; Teramind can be limited to only record activity for certain work-related applications, only during specific times, and much more. Visit the Teramind resource center and our Youtube channel or contact us for more information.

How much storage do I need for user session recordings?

Approximately 1 GB per 160 hours of data per screen at full quality & color recording, or 350 hours of black & white at 70% scale. If you go with the Cloud deployment option, we got you covered for 6 months of user sessions recordings.

How CPU-intensive is the Teramind Agent? Will it have a substantial impact on the operation of the computer it’s monitoring?

Teramind Agent is super-light-weight. It consumes approximately 30 MB memory and 1-3% CPU utilization, depending on user activity.

How much storage do I get with the cloud deployment option?

Teramind UAM and Teramind DLP cloud subscriptions allow you to store up to 6 months of screen recording, and an unlimited amount of meta-data reported by your Teramind Agents.

How is Teramind product/priced? Is there any volume discounting?

All Teramind solutions are licensed on a subscription basis. Pricing is based on # of users for Cloud deployments. For on-prem and private cloud deployments, pricing is based on # of endpoints and # of terminal servers. Volume discounting is available and is automatically applied.

How are subscriptions product/priced? What’s the difference between annual and monthly subscription?

Teramind is product/priced based on a monthly fee per user or endpoint or Terminal Server (or a combination of these, depending on your deployment model and choice of Teramind solution). You can choose to pay for your subscription annually, up front to get 2 months free (equal to 17% discount).

What is a Teramind endpoint? What is a Teramind user?

A “Teramind user” is an employee that is tracked using the Teramind Agent. A “Teramind endpoint” is a single-user device that is monitored, such as a Windows 7 / 8 / 10 or Mac OSX workstation. An endpoint can also be a Windows Server (2008, 2012, or 2016) that is not a Terminal Server. Teramind is licensed on a per endpoint basis for on-premise and private cloud deployments, and is licensed on a per user basis for cloud deployments.

How are Terminal Servers product/priced?

Teramind treats Terminal Servers as 30 endpoints. So from a cost perspective, one Terminal Server license is equal to 30 endpoint licenses.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa or American Express. We also accept bank transfers or checks (US customers only for checks).

Can I switch between Teramind UAM and Teramind DLP or another Teramind edition later?

Yes, you can upgrade, downgrade and switch to any Teramind solution at any time.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my current Teramind edition?

Click the My Account tab from the Teramind dashboard and then select the Subscription tab. From there you can upgrade or downgrade your current Teramind edition. contact us if you need help.

Do you offer educational discount to academic institutions?

Yes! Academic institutions qualify for a 50% discount from the Teramind list product/prices.

What is included in the subscription product/price?

The subscription product/price includes the software license, technical support, software updates during the term of the subscription.

What kind of support SLA do you provide?

Teramind cloud deployments are eligible for telephone and email support. Teramind on-premise and private cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.) deployments are eligible for 24x7 follow-the-sun support and an Enterprise SLA.

What governs the terms of service and support?

Cloud deployments are governed by the Teramind Terms of Service. On-prem and private cloud deployments are governed by the Teramind EULA and Enterprise SLA.

Which platforms are supported by Teramind?

The Teramind Agent will run on Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. We fully support Citrix, VDI, VMWare Horizon, as well as Terminal Servers.

How much bandwidth does Teramind consume?

That depends on how you configure Teramind, and on the activity level of your users. With the default configuration and normal usage, Teramind should not use more than 10kb/s upstream. You could configure Teramind to run at a reduced frame-rate and color palettes, and that would cut back up to 50% of bandwidth consumption. Teramind is also aware if the connection is poor and jittery, and will dynamically reduce the frame rate accordingly to minimize bandwidth usage.

Will my antivirus software trigger alerts when installing or running Teramind?

We work with all leading AV software providers to ensure we are antivirus-friendly. Teramind has been whitelisted from many of the leading antivirus packages. We also sign all of our software with an extended validation certificate. In most cases, your antivirus software will recognize Teramind as legitimate software and not interfere.

You can use our Teramind Antivirus Configuration guide to take steps to configure and whitelist Teramind with your AV software. Contact us if you need any additional assistance!

Does the Teramind Agent continue recording, monitoring and enforcing while offline?

Yes, the Teramind Agent will continue recording and enforcing all rules and policies. When the computer reconnects to the network, the Teramind Agent will upload the user session recordings (and will throttle to ensure the network bandwidth impact is minimal).

Do I have to restart the computer after I install the Teramind Agent?

No. The Teramind Agent setup does not require a reboot.

Can I use a silent install to get the Teramind Agent installed on computers remotely?

Yes. We provide detailed instructions on how to install the Teramind Agent using a variety of commonly used installation methods.

How do I uninstall a Teramind Agent?

You can do this from the Teramind Dashboard or using a special executable. Contact us for assistance.

How secure is the data Teramind collects and stores in the cloud?

All Teramind data is encrypted at rest and in motion.

What is employee monitoring?

Employee monitoring is the process of tracking all activity conducted by employees while logged in to a computer which has employee monitoring software installed on it. This is done to measure productivity, prevent insider threats and unauthorized data exfiltration, and keep track of how employees spend their time while logged in at work.

Is employee monitoring legal?

In most jurisdictions employee monitoring is legal with no restrictions. However, there may be restrictions on what employee activities you monitor or record. Please consult your legal counsel to ensure you are implementing employee monitoring within the legal and regulatory guidelines applicable to your organization and jurisdiction. Teramind is fully customizable with respect to its monitoring and recording features to abide by any legal, ethical or regulatory restrictions.

How can I monitor employees’ computer activity?

Using employee monitoring software from Teramind, all user activity can be monitored and recorded in real-time. Action can be seen via live view or playback history, which includes everything done on desktops, servers, thin clients and remote networks. Smart rules and automated alerts can be utilized to notify you of user violations instantaneously and take a variety of actions such as block the action, block the user, lock the user out, request management authorization, etc.

How can I turn monitoring on/off for a user or group?

From the Teramind Dashboard, click the Employee tab. Select an employee to access their profile page. Turn monitoring on/off from the profile page. You can create monitoring profiles for individual users and group from the Monitoring Settings of the dashboard. Additionally, each rule and policy in Teramind can be configured to monitor specific users or groups.

How can I measure employee productivity?

Through Teramind’s comprehensive dashboards and employee analytics, employers are given invaluable insight into productivity and daily workloads. Custom guidelines can be set to determine what employees spend most of their time doing, including what applications are being used, how many emails are being send, what types of websites are being visited, and much more. Teramind provides the flexibility to evaluate entire departments or single employees on demand, with in depth information to help make informed decisions about your workforce.

What are insider threats and how can I detect and protect against them?

Insider threats come from people with intimate knowledge of an organization's internal affairs, including current and former employees, contractors, vendors or associates. Insider threats carry devious intentions, weather leaking important information to the public or competitors, or threatening security through exposing sensitive data. The best way to expose and prevent insider threats is by identifying malicious intent before action is taken. Teramind keeps you up to date and aware of all user activity, allowing you to detect disgruntled employees first, rather than letting them become a serious issue. The software also allows you to restrict certain actions that could be tied to insider threats, as well as review recordings of all activity in order to conduct in-depth investigations into potential security risks.

What is employee website/internet monitoring?

This is the process of using software to monitor every website and unique URL visited by employees while logged in for work. Organizations can view a live feed of user internet activity, or a text-based log of all pages and websites visited by any tracked user using Teramind’s employee monitoring software.

How can employee emails be monitored?

Included in Teramind’s software is full email monitoring capabilities. Teramind records all information when employees send or receive emails, including attachments, message content and information about the addressed receiver. This functionality is available for all email platforms including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Lotus Notes and more. Management is able to set alerts based on custom parameters such as trigger words within message body content.

What is a keylogger/keylogging software?

A keylogger is software used for surveillance which can record any and all keystrokes made by a user. Teramind’s employee monitoring software comes equipped with full keylogging capabilities, tracking the individual keystrokes of all employees. These records are indexed and added to in-depth logs which can be used to help gauge employee productivity, and generate user analytics. This keylogging capability also includes all instances of the copy and paste functions. With Teramind, you can turn off keylogging for some or all of your users or limit to only certain applications.

What is file transfer tracking?

Teramind software can be used to track the creation, deletion, access, and edits of all internal files. Employers can create notifications to be alerted when files are uploaded to the cloud, whether via email attachments, or using applications such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Access to specific folders can also be blocked, whether on local drives, networks, or USB storage devices.

How can I track documents printed by employees?

Teramind tracks and records all print requests made by users. Each document printed can be viewed in its entirety, and print requests can be searched by computer, file, printer or user name. Teramind also allows administrators to set alerts when a user attempts to print a document which contains sensitive data.

How can I contact Teramind Support?

IN-APP (preferred method):Submit a new ticket rom the Teramind Dashboard.

Submit an ONLINE FORM: https://www.teramind.co/contact-us

VIA EMAIL: support@teramind.co

VIA PHONE: +1 212 603 9617

Who do I contact for billing inquiries?

Email Teramind Billing Department with your billing specific question. Please specify the email address of the admin, the domain of the account and your specific request.

How do I get an official quote?

You can self-generate a quote from within Teramind Dashboard, or simply contact us with your quote request and we will generate the quote for you.

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