Behavior Shaping Guidance

Behavior Shaping Guidance

Teramind was built to help organizations teach and guide their users to take the correct actions to preserve and keep their data safe. Build rules to detect, warn, or even block any observable user activity.

How it Works

Administrators define rules to prevent unsafe IT behavior and enforce company policies. Teramind offers the options of logging the rule violations, notifying the user and administrator, blocking the action, or locking out the user based on the severity of the action. For example, if corporate policy forbids the use of sending company data via personal e-mail, if a user attempts this action, they will receive a pop-up notification notifying the user of the rule violation and discouraging them from taking this action again.

With Teramind you can:

    • Notify users when they take an action that can endanger your company to enforce company best practices
    • Prevent users from taking actions they shouldn’t
    • Teach users how to use specific company applications with remote desktop control features that allow for real-time guidance on a user’s personal screen
    • Configure notifications for any user behavior, including web, email, keystrokes, file transfers, instant messaging, and more
    • Customize alerts, notifications, and guidance features