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General Questions

What’s the difference between Cloud vs. On-Prem deployment?
The cloud and on-premises editions of Teramind are identical in appearance and functionality. The only difference relates to hosting. With the cloud option, you don’t need to manage any servers. Teramind securely handles backups, redundancy, automatic updates, and other maintenance tasks. With the on-premises edition, you get a Teramind server in the form of a virtual machine, which you manage yourself in your data center.
How secure is the cloud?
Teramind is hosted at a Telehouse datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany, which has the highest data protection laws. Telehouse is famous for its industry-strength secure infrastructure. In addition, Teramind uses a protocol developed in-house, and encrypts all data transferred and stored with the strongest encryption algorithms.
How does licensing work?
Teramind Cloud is licensed on a per-user basis, while Teramind On-premise is licensed per device.
How can the Teramind stealth agent be Installed?
The stealth agent can be installed in three ways:
• Run the installer .exe on the target computer
• Run the silent MSI on the target computer(s) via Group Policy
• Run the silent MSI on the target computer(s) via the Teramind dashboard - this uses a psexec-like mechanism, and you can specify an IP range.
Will users know that they're being monitored?
That's entirely up to you. Teramind offers two agents: stealth and freelance. The stealth agent is ideal when you want to monitor a computer full-time, without the user's knowledge. The freelance agent is revealed, and is ideal if you have contractors or remote employees that work on their own computers. With the freelance agent, users get to select a task, and click start / stop to enable or disable monitoring and time tracking.
What about remote freelancers that use their own computers?
Teramind has a freelance agent, which is revealed, and is ideal if you have contractors or remote employees that work on their own computers. With the freelance agent, users get to select a task, and click start / stop to enable or disable monitoring and time tracking. You can even automatically import tasks from JIRA, Redmine, Basecamp, and more.
Is technical support available?
Yes, we provide 24x7 technical support via an online ticketing system, and there are always developers on-call to handle the difficult issues. You can open a ticket by chatting with us live in our customer portal or your cloud account, by sending an email to, or by opening a ticket in our online ticketing system.
Can reports be automatically e-mailed to me?
Yes. All reports and customized dashboards can be saved, downloaded and emailed at a time and interval of your choosing, or on-demand.
How can I view the monitoring dashboard?
Teramind's dashboard is 100% browser based and requires no installation of any kind. Admin user are free to access the dashboard via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Technical Questions

Which platforms are supported by Teramind?
The Teramind agent will run on MacOS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. We fully support Citrix, VDI, VMWare Horizon, as well as Terminal Servers.
How much bandwidth does Teramind consume?
That depends on how you configure Teramind, and on the activity level of your users. With the default configuration and normal usage, Teramind should not use more than 10kb/s upstream. You could configure Teramind to run at a reduced frame-rate and color palettes, and that would cut back up to 50% of bandwidth consumption. Teramind is also aware if the connection is poor and jittery, and will dynamically reduce the frame rate accordingly to minimize bandwidth usage.
How does Teramind calculate "productivity"?
"Productivity" within Teramind is calculated as the user’s keyboard and mouse input levels, and is sampled on a minute-by-minute basis. No typing or mouse activity equates to 0% productivity. Typing at approximately 45 words-per-minute or higher equates to 100% productivity. Productivity for a time range is an average of the one-minute data points for that user in that time range.
Will my Anti-Virus software trigger alerts when installing or running Teramind?
We make every effort possible to be antivirus-friendly. Teramind has been whitelisted from many of the leading antivirus packages. We also sign all of our software with an extended validation certificate. In most cases, your antivirus software will recognize Teramind as legitimate software and not interfere.

However, there are too many antivirus vendors, editions, and versions of antivirus software, and it’s impossible to cover all of them. If you run into trouble with your antivirus while installing or running Teramind, please contact us for instructions on how to add an exclusion / exception.
Can Teramind monitor Linux servers and workstations?
Unfortunately, Linux support is still in development. We expect to release it some time later this year.
Can Teramind monitor mobile devices?
No, Teramind is designed to monitor desktops and servers. However, you can use your mobile device to monitor your PCs, as the Teramind dashboard is browser-based and platform-independent.
How much storage do I get with the cloud option?
Teramind Cloud allows you to store up to 6 months of screen recording, and an unlimited amount of meta-data reported by your agents.

Employee Monitoring

What is electronic monitoring of employees?
Electronic monitoring of employees is the process of tracking all activity conducted by employees while logged in to a computer which has employee monitoring software installed on it. This is done to measure productivity, prevent insider threats, and keep track of how employees spend their time while logged in at work.
How can I monitor employees’ computer activity?
Using employee monitoring software from Teramind, all user activity can be monitored and recorded in real-time. Action can be seen via live view or playback history, which includes everything done on desktops, servers, thin clients and remote networks. Smart rules and automated alerts can be utilized to notify you of user violations instantaneously.
How can I measure employee productivity?
Through Teramind’s comprehensive dashboards and employee analytics, employers are given invaluable insight into productivity and daily workloads. Custom guidelines can be set to determine what employees spend most of their time doing, including what applications are being used, how many emails are being send, what types of websites are being visited, and much more. Teramind provides the flexibility to evaluate entire departments or single employees on demand, with in depth information to help make informed decisions about your workforce.
What are insider threats and how can I detect and protect against them?
Insider threats come from people with intimate knowledge of an organization's internal affairs, including current and former employees, contractors, vendors or associates. Insider threats carry devious intentions, weather leaking important information to the public or competitors, or threatening security through exposing sensitive data. The best way to expose and prevent insider threats is by identifying malicious intent before action is taken. Teramind keeps you up to date and aware of all user activity, allowing you to detect disgruntled employees first, rather than letting them become a serious issue. The software also allows you to restrict certain actions that could be tied to insider threats, as well as review recordings of all activity in order to conduct in-depth investigations into potential security risks.
What is employee website/internet monitoring?
This is the process of using software to monitor every website and unique URL visited by employees while logged in for work. Organizations can view a live feed of user internet activity, or a text-based log of all pages and websites visited by any tracked user using Teramind’s employee monitoring software.
How can employee emails be monitored?
Included in Teramind’s software is full email monitoring capabilities. Teramind records all information when employees send or receive emails, including attachments, message content and information about the addressed receiver. This functionality is available for all email platforms including GMail, Yahoo, Outlook, Lotus Notes and more. Management is able to set alerts based on custom parameters such as trigger words within message body content.
What is a keylogger/keylogging software?
A keylogger is software used for surveillance which can record any and all keystrokes made by a user. Teramind’s employee monitoring software comes equipped with full keylogging capabilities, tracking the individual keystrokes of all employees. These records are indexed and added to in-depth logs which can be used to help gauge employee productivity, and generate user analytics. This keylogging capability also includes all instances of the copy and paste functions.
What is file transfer tracking?
Teramind software can be used to track the creation, deletion, access, and edits of all internal files. Employers can create notifications to be alerted when files are uploaded to the cloud, whether via email attachments, or using applications such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and more. Access to specific folders can also be blocked, whether on local drives, networks, or USB storage devices.
How can I track documents printed by employees?
Teramind tracks and records all print requests made by users. Each document printed can be viewed in its entirety, and print requests can be searched by computer, file, printer or user name. Teramind also allows administrators to set alerts when a user attempts to print a document which contains sensitive data.
How much does employee monitoring software cost?
Teramind offers two affordable solutions for its feature rich, state of the art software. Visit our pricing page to find out how much Teramind costs.
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