Security from the Inside


Security from the Inside

Insider Threat Detection and Prevention

Teramind uses an intelligent, lightweight agent to collect and react to users’ activity in real-time. Configure Teramind to automatically raise an alert, block an action, or lock out a user for any observable behavior. Stop emails from being sent, block uploads to certain websites, get alerted when a user chats with a specific counter party, and much more.

Privileged User Monitoring

Deploy Teramind to track and protect from remote vendors and privileged users. Allow admins to login only during permitted hours or allow them to login only when you approve an exception request. Use Teramind to prevent administrators from writing to certain files, installing new software, and more despite having special privileges.

Session Recording

Whether for compliance or paper trail - our session recording capability is second-to-none. Teramind records a live desktop stream which resembles a video of the session. We support standalone machines, RDS, and Citrix environments.

Intelligent Session Mining

Use Teramind to index any text that users see on their screens. Our technology allows for real-time parsing and indexing of text that appears in any application, including remote desktops and images. Search to see which users viewed sensitive text by rapid full- string search or by regular expression. Find out which users saw text that matches a competitor, a credit-card number pattern, or any other text that’s sensitive in your organization. Build alerts and allow Teramind to react to those occurrences automatically.

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