Teramind Case Study: Manufacturing

Manufacturer Relies on Teramind for Insider Threat Detection, IP Protection and Data Loss Prevention

“We use Teramind to protect our IP and trade secrets from insider threats. The User Activity Monitoring is a great feature that automatically detects potential threats and even blocks dangerous behavior. Teramind’s support team was great in helping us setup and running in no time.”

— Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Company Profile

A global manufacturer and assembler of industrial automation components, automotive electronics and other parts.

Business Challenges

The alarming trend of insider threats in the industrial sector made the Manufacture realize that it was only a matter of time before it too became a victim unless it took appropriate measures. It needed to:

Success Factors

Standard ICS based security measure wasn’t enough to protect its IP and customer information from malicious employees and suppliers who were already inside the network. It needed a way to weed out those dangerous insiders and establish a data loss prevention and rapid response policy to handle this pervasive risk.


Monitor and Prevent Suspicious Insider Activity:

Live View and Session Recording:

Limit Exposure of IP Related Information:

Risk Analysis and Reporting:

Employee Education and Training:


Manufacturer was able to get the following benefits soon after implementing Teramind:

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