Teramind Case Study: Financial Services

Financial Services Firm Maintains PCI-DSS Compliance with Teramind

“We needed a solution to help us maintain PCI compliance and have a forensic record of any potential non-compliance that we could implement with minimal disruption to user productivity. Teramind came through with its broad functionality, out of the box rules and quick deployment.”

— Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Company Profile

US-based banking and financial services company with strong presence in retail banking and credit cards businesses. Processes and millions of transaction per year.

Business Challenges

The firm was facing a challenge to ensure continued compliance with PCI-DSS as it pertains to handling of credit card data. Specifically, the firm was looking for a technology to monitor employee activity to assist with:

Success Factors

Implement a transparent solution that would allow monitoring of all activity related to handling of credit card data, while ensuring compliance and capturing any non-compliance activity for non-compliance audit and reporting capabilities.


Teramind DLP with PCI DSS Support:


The firm was able to see improvements in the following areas:

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