Teramind Announces Insider Threat and Data Loss Prevention Solution to Address Exponential Rise in Healthcare Data Breaches

Teramind for HIPAA Software Assists Healthcare Organizations to Effectively Detect, Investigate, and Report on and Stop Data Breaches

MIAMI – FEBRUARY 5, 2019 – Teramind Inc., a leading global provider of insider threat detection and data loss prevention (“DLP”) solutions, today announced the immediate availability of the Teramind for HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) solution, designed as a remedy to the dire epidemic of PHI and PII theft and data loss faced by hospitals, medical practices, insurance providers and other organizations operating as part of the healthcare industry ecosystem.

According to a recent report published by Verizon, the majority of data breach incidents in healthcare are caused by insider threats. Teramind for HIPAA provides insider threat detection and data exfiltration monitoring capabilities to aid healthcare organizations in detecting, investigating, and reporting on and stopping data breaches.

“The healthcare industry is facing a serious challenge with insider threats and PHI data loss as an industry where insider threats outnumber external threats, and the financial as well as human impact cost is high. Every instance of PHI compromised directly impacts a person and their well-being, in addition to the financial burden of $1.5M maximum penalties for organizations that don’t conform with HIPAA, and the additional risk of litigation and damage to the brand’s reputation,” commented Isaac Kohen, CTO of Teramind.

HIPAA is designed to facilitate efficient flow of the healthcare data and protect patient’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) from fraud, theft or other misuse. HIPAA is mandatory for all hospitals, medical specialties, insurance providers, pharmacies, medical research companies and health education institutions. In addition, some consultants, accountants and data analytics firms serving the healthcare industry must follow HIPAA requirements. Failing to pass the HIPAA audit has steep penalties and other consequences for the regulated organizations.

Teramind for HIPAA helps organizations conform with ongoing privacy and security requirements of HIPAA regulated PII, PHI and EHR data with its extensive user activity monitoring, data exfiltration protection, audit, reporting and forensics capabilities with the following key HIPAA features:

  • Administrative Safeguards:
    • Built-in templates to identify and classify PII and PHI automatically.
    • Real-time staff activity monitoring prevents accidental or malicious data exfiltration.
  • Technical Safeguards:
    • Apply identity authentication and segregated access control for both viewing and editing of PHI.
    • Develop contingency plans with risk assessment and analytics.
  • Security Standards:
    • Enforce behavior-based activity and content security rules for websites, apps, network, emails, external drives etc.
    • Automatically warn, block or lock-out user if any security anomaly is detected.
  • Compliance Reviews:
    • Intuitive policy editor makes complex reviewing process easy.
    • Review reports for data breach incidents, rule violations, at risk policies, users and system resources.
  • Burden of Proof:
    • Session recordings and history playback for forensic investigation.
    • Detailed alerts and immutable logs to support HIPAA record keeping, corroboration and documentation requirements.
  • Staff Awareness and Training:
    • Insights derived from the various reports and etiquette rules can be used to train new employees about information security best practices.

“The mission of healthcare providers – from doctors to service organizations – is to focus on the restoration of health in sick patients and preventative procedures and tactics to promote wellness in the overall population. Ironically, healthcare at this time must accept its own diagnosis as an ailing industry with a patient data breach epidemic caused mostly by insider threats. Teramind is proud to answer the call by the industry to help take a preventative approach to restore healthcare data security and governance,” stated Kohen.

Teramind for HIPAA is available now. Teramind will be showcasing the solution at HIMSS19 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL on February 11-15. Visitors to Teramind’s booth #614 will see Teramind for HIPAA in action, explore use cases and get expert answers to their questions. Teramind for Healthcare is also available to explore through a guided tour online.

About Teramind

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