The Path To Productivity

Businesses today have a problem. Employees are logging more time at work but worker productivity is abysmal. It’s no wonder companies everywhere are after ways to increase productivity. But there’s a problem there too. The way we think about and measure productivity is outdated. We took a deep dive into what it means to be productive in today’s workforce and what it takes to measure modern day productivity. 


Of employees are
fulfilling their
productivity potential.



Of employees feel overworked in their
day to day job.


Productivity decrease when employees feel overworked


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day is spent on
valuable work

Change Your Ways.
Goodbye To Busy Work.

Companies are wasting their wages. While employees are showing up to work, a vast majority aren’t coming close to being as productive as they can be. If you think the internet is the biggest problem for productivity, think again. Distractions aren’t the biggest time waster at work. Busy work is

With busy work accounting for so much of the day, it’s hard to measure productivity using traditional methods that only consider overall revenue and worker input like labor wages, number of employees or hours worked. 
Hours Per Day On Email​
Hours Per Week At Meetings​
Percent Of Day Busy Work​

Update Your Equations.

Equations tell us the dollar value of production but skip out on details about the kind of work being done. This was fine during the industrial age when most employees were factory workers that were charged with a single task on an assembly line. Since then, the way employees work has changed. But the way we measure productivity? Not so much.

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